Talk PCRThe top tip for Windows95/8, NT4 owners of the PCR-1000 or PCR-100 is simple.

Top Tip:Dump the ICOM software and get TalkPCR!


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TalkPCR Review

A Detailed Review by Dennis Wish, PE

TalkPCR is a shareware program that can be used with the ICOM PCR receivers. There is no need for a lengthy review because you can download and use the program for trial. There is a nag screen but the software isn't crippled and you can asses it fully, sadly this isn't true for some other offerings. The registration fee is very reasonable, 25GBP at the time of writing.PCR-1000 Spectrum Analyser

With ICOMs software you can control the radio, see a bandscope and scan a few channels and... Well that's about it really. It is only after you have used TalkPCR you realise what ICOM have missed and what the author Peter Mahy has included on top of ICOMs offering


  • Record Audio To Disk (With Compression)
  • Auto Recording
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Priority Channel
  • Channel Monitor: Graphically Record Channels
  • Timer Recording
  • Virtually Unlimited Memory Banks
  • Sophisticated Search Mode

This means for example, you can set it up and go to work, come back and see how the propagation varied over a range of freqs, or set it searching a frequency range and view a log of activity with times, signal strength - and then listen to captured audio.

The only thing it lacks over some of the other much more expensive options is support for external database. It would be nice for example to be able to import data from the Klingenfuss CD-ROM, in the way that Visual Radio can. That said I prefer it from all the other programs I have tried because it is written specifically for the ICOM, and it shows. It also includes some features that the other database compatible programs don't.

In short this is outstanding software, very reasonably priced and for me a must have. Download from Pete's PCR Pages

A Detailed Review by Dennis Wish, PE


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