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QSY.to is a free service that lets you replace long web addresses with ones that are short and easy to remember! Perhaps you already have a homepage on the web? Does it use a free service or space provided by your ISP...

Well if it has a long address like http://www.members.provider/area/~yourname you can now replace it with say, http://qsy.to/yourname

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QSY.to is of particular relevance to "radio sites", radio users have long used the "Q CODE" as an abbreviation system initially to speed up the sending of morse code. QSY is the abbreviation for, Shall I Change Frequency? (Change Frequency to...)

Use your imagination to get a new URL like,

  • QSY.to/mycallsign
  • QSY.to/radiopages
  • QSY.to/music-radio
  • QSY.to/vintageradio